Why Choate’s?

Why Choate’s?

We’ve been trusted professionals in the auto collision repair industry with excellent customer service since 1975. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about us on Google and Yelp!

This place is just amazing. My brother took his car here and within days we were able to get it back, even looking better that before.
-J. Mondson

They really know what they are all doing in here. I have never seen such efficiency in a business. The people that run this place is doing something right.
-D. Taylor

I really enjoyed the experience in here. I don’t know anything about cars and I am really glad that I took my car here for some quick fixing.
-W. Barry

Hopefully you will never need the services of a Collision Center, however most statistics say that every driver will be involved in a collision of some type every seven years. Here are a few things to remember when or if that need arises.

Everyone’s safety is always first and foremost.

Always get the officer’s name and report details, (when available and where to pick up).
Details the Insurance Company will need is on the report.

  • Contact the Collision Center of your choice first and talk to them about your options. There is a lot that goes into processing a claim correctly and most efficiently for you, the vehicle owner.
  • Contact your Insurance Company and report the claim with all the details of the incident and inform them of your shop choice. Do not let them talk you into something you are not comfortable with. Go to the shop of your choice.
  • Some Insurance Companies may try to direct you to a certain shop, but it is your right as the vehicle owner and policy holder to get your repairs handled at your convenience and at a shop you can trust and feel comfortable with. Don’t be talked into a shop you don’t know or is not convenient for you. Your policy allows for your choice and the Insurance Company has to pay based on your policy.
  • Insurance Companies cannot guarantee any repairs – they are not doing the repairs. The shop handles any warranty or guarantee issues should they arise. Any reputable shop will have a lifetime warranty of their repairs that goes above and beyond what any Insurance Company can offer.
  • Study your policy carefully and do annual reviews just to keep updated on what is covered and what you are entitled to.

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